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The word “mission” has Latin roots meaning, “to send.”  The Missio Dei refers to the outward flow of eternal love that originates in the heart of God. The church’s mission, therefore, does not begin with the church. It only passes through the church, so long as the church remains faithful to God’s purpose.Mission work includes serving the children of Africa and Central America. It also includes serving the children of Ashburn, VA, as well as their parents, as well as seniors, and anyone else who comes into the reach of our saving embrace.

The leadership of our parish consists of four centers of service: Parishioners, Staff, Vestry, and Trustees.


The leadership in our parish comes from our people. Our parishioners provide the inspiration and the commitment that makes our ministries thrive. The staff’s role in this covenant community is to equip our people with whatever they need to exercise their leadership.

Ministry is the work of the whole church. It happens wherever our parishioners help another person to experience life as God intends it to be. This may be in office buildings downtown, in a local school or neighborhood, or in an agency with a specific mission to serve a particular human need.

If the ministry of our parishioners involves reaching out beyond our covenant community, the ministry of our staff is to reach out within our covenant community. The primary focus of our staff is the health of the church. They support faithful leaders within the church so that our parishioners may live in the power of grace beyond the church.

Every member of our staff serves to support our parish leaders. Together, Rector and staff speak with one voice, unified in faith, and committed to advance the mission of the church as discerned by our Vestry. Our staff closes the empowerment circle as they work to call, encourage and send our parishioners out into the world as faithful leaders in the service of Christ Jesus.